Top 4 Money Clips – Father’s Day Gift Guide


Because He’s Always Been There…

He was there to scoop you up after your first fall. He showed you how to throw a ball, how to do your best, how to be kind with your words and actions. He was there to pay for that double scoop ice cream cone after your first loss of the season. He was there to wipe away those fallen tears after a bad day. And now it’s time to say thank you.

At times it may feel like you’ll never be able to repay your dad for all that he’s done for you. Give him the recognition he deserves by the small gestures you give on Father’s Day. A small gift he’ll actually use and enjoy gives your appreciation for what he’s done.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift he’ll actually use, go for a money clip. Money clips come in different designs/functions to meet differing lifestyles. You’ll also find money clips in differing price points, helping you stay where you would like to spend!

Types of Money Clips

Tightwad Money Clip

1. Tightwad Money Clip

Tightwad has never sounded more endearing! Characteristics that make this #1 on our list is how ridiculously light weight and durable the money clip is. Enjoy styles starting at $34.95 for stainless steel and ultra-light carbon fiber at $87.95.

Lever Money Clip

2. Lever Money Clip

If you’re searching for something durable, sturdy and hassle-free, look no further than this style of money clip. It’s a favorite of owners Tom and Ryan. Easily slip cards and money in and out of this holder by shifting the ends upwards and pinching to hold the clip open (it sounds more complicated explaining how to open than it really is, trust us). Prices range from $69.95-$154.00.

Tension Money Clip

3. Tension Money Clip

Sometimes simplicity is key. The tension style money clip is as simple as they come. The tension of the two ends secure cards and money into their place. Prices start at $21.95.

Hinge Money Clip

4. Hinged Money Clip

Overtime, money clips that rely on tension may lose their tautness; this is where the hinged money clip comes into play. It’s a great alterative especially for a dad who’s carrying around a thicker stack of items in his wallet. Prices start at $34.95.

Happy Father’s Day!

So take Dad out for a double scoop ice cream cone this Father’s Day. He’ll probably love his gift so much he’ll want to pay for the ice cream just to show off his new money clip! And to all the dads out there, thank you. Tenenbaum’s Jewelry wishes you the best this Father’s Day.

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