TRENDING: How to Stack Watches and Bracelets

“You make the rules when it comes to this trend”

Functionality couldn’t look any more stylish! This spring, try the layered look by pairing watches with your favorite bracelets. This effortlessly gives you a versatile and chic look. The best part about this trend is you can mix, match, and stack as you please! You can mix different color metals, textures, bands and more. Feel free to start simple by adding one bracelet and build as you please! You make the rules when it comes to this trend. Checkout out the styles we put together with our new Obaku watch line.

Our Favorite Layering Looks

Pearls and Gold
Pearls and Gold

Get this classic look by mixing textures like a pearl bracelet, gold bangle, and cream leather band. We love how perfectly the cream and gold complement each other.

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink

If you’re obsessing over rose gold as much as we are, then this is the look for you. To get this look we paired up the minimalist watch with a rose gold bangle and a rose and white gold diamond bracelet.

Brorrowed from the Boys
Borrowed from the Boys

Love the borrowed from the boys look? Well, you can actually borrow from the boys with this rose and black watch. To get a relaxed and chill look we paired this watch with our favorite stacking bangles from our Angelica Collection line. These bracelets are comparable to the Alex and Ani line.

White Diamonds
White Diamonds

There’s truly nothing more classic than diamonds. Instantly dress up your watch by pairing it with a diamond bracelet.

Totally Two Toned
Totally Two-Toned

The days of wearing a single color of metal are in the past. Be daring and mix it up! If you have yellow gold jewelry packed away in your jewelry box, we urge you to mix things up with some newer white gold pieces. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy to wear your yellow gold jewelry again.

Obaku Design

You might be thinking the Obaku watches look awfully similar to the Skagen watches we used to carry. You’re not too far off thinking that. Obaku watches have a similar Danish design focusing on simplicity and minimalism. The phrase “less is more” definitely applies to these watches as their simple details make a completely chic look. Some also prefer these watches over other styles with their very sleek and slim design.

Like what you see? We can order any styles for you to take a look at. Check out the watches first hand by visiting Obaku’s website.